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Mirna Abboud El Khoury: since Hamazat with art, culture and the celebration to Gibran Khalil Gibran this year


Diafanís Magazine talked to Mirna Abboud El Khoury, director of Hamazat, about the art and culture in Lebanon; the objetives of the institution and the celebration to Gibran Khalil Gibran this year.


– You are the director of a non-governmental organization: «Hamazat». Do you like to tell as their objectives, your work?

“Hamazat “Is the name of the cultural forum in which I decided to encourage people, especially young people, to return to reading and to know deeply our Lebanese literature rich in thought, language and creativity

Some of the cultural year’s goals: Motivate the community to return to reading. Creating artistic workshops to develop the creative abilities of those who wish. Attention to theater and singing as part of our cultural work


– Do you do this work in all Lebanon only or in other countries too?

My first goal is to generalize this experience to the largest area of ​​Lebanon and I hope that the Ministry of Education adopts this idea to become part of the educational curriculum

I believe that learning about the culture of the others is the beautiful part of globalization. I will be happy to contribute to the transfer of our Lebanese thought to those who wish globally


-This year are you organizing activities about Gibran Khalil Gibran? Which are they? Why do you elected Khalil Gibran?

This year, we dedicated this year to the Lebanese artist and writer, Gibran Khalil Gibran because he carried the name of Lebanon and published it as perfume in America and Europe and then the whole world. His very small homeland has become universal and  known as «Lebanon the homeland of Gibran»


Gibran  carried the name of Lebanon and published it as perfume in America and Europe. Mirna Abboud


When the pen is the one who brought your name, your voice, your pain, the beauty of your land and your dreams to the ears and eyes of the whole world, the owner of this pen deserves to be honored, I do not deny that my love for him made me want to start my cultural work on his name


In other hand, you are an interior – architect and plastic artist. How do you combine these jobs?


The architecture of its kind is part of the Faculty of Arts and the work of this profession sometimes leads you to love the different branches, and drawing is one of them I loved the paintings and found it a charming way to express the thoughts and feelings in the human soul.

The arts of culture complement each other and when you are passionate about what you do your work becomes easy and enjoyable. Always I follow my dreams and find the time to achieve them.



-As woman that do many works : it is a difficult job in Middle East?

It is true that Lebanon is a country from the Middle East, but women in it preceded their neighbors with the leadership of science and work and she were and still a partner in the family production and decision-making

Difficulties facing Lebanese women working outside their home (because those in the house are also working and struggling)

because she has to reconcile between two jobs, and the Lebanese woman does not turn a blind eye to the cleanliness of her home and her children and she is keen on the good social relations that require to prepare to celebrate and meet with family and friends These details are exhausting, but they also bringto her a feeling of joy and satisfaction.


-Which are your next plans in “Hamazat”?

At the beginning of the year we met at a forum to introduce the project and start work. Then we did a collective dictation. They were successful and people liked the idea.

Next month we will meet to listen to poetry and prose readings from Gibran.

In the summer we have many workshops, will perform painting, theater and singing as well as a reading match.


Interviewed by Mag. Marisa Avogadro Thomé, jornalist and writer from Argentina.