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Young Azerbaijani artists find in art a way to rediscover the life

Islam Bakhshaliyev – Professional from Azerbaiján
Director of the Social and Psychological Rehabilitation
Centre of the Youth – DIRCHELISH (Revival)
The Social-Psychological Centre of the Youth «Dirchelish» was established in 1999. The main purpose of the Centre is to seek out problems of  young people with limited financial resources, the ones who lost one or two of  their parents, to find families who have been abandoned from their homelands as a result of unreported war,started against Azerbaijan by Armenia, and implement various projects in order to integrate them into society.
Since 2010, the «Art Dirchelish» association has been established at the Center. This association looks for creative youth, who are inclined to art, makes dozens of different art tournaments, and also organizes exhibitions across the country and abroad, to reveal the talents of creative young people and for them to be recognized throughout the country. Holding such painting exhibitions creates enthusiasm in young people, increases opportunities for their own enrichment and enables them to study the world culture more closely. At the exhibitions, we also sell the paintings of young people. This also allows young people to improve their finances.
Until now, 15 exhibitions have been organized in foreign countries: Bulgaria, Belgium, Austria, Italy, France, Great Britain, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, Luxemburg. About 200 Azerbaijani artists participated in these exhibitions and over 1200 exhibits were exhibited.