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An Azerbaijani art exhibition at the European Council on May 28-31


Islam Bakhshaliyev. Ambassador for Peace. The organizer of the exhibition.


An exhibition dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the establishment of the first Democratic Republic in the East- the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan will be hosted in Strasbourg at the building of European Council on May 28-31.

The exhibition is hosted by the Permanent Representative of Azerbaijan to the Council of Europe and «Dirchelish» (Revivale) – the Social and Psychological Rehabilitation Center of the Youth

Eight young painters are attending the exhibition and their 45 oil paints and 7 statues will be displayed. The favorite of the exhibition is the 30-year-old Tural Bayramov, who has been deaf-dumb since birth. That is why he creates beautiful artifacts as he sees all his senses at his fingertips. Tural’s 8 paintings will be featured at the exhibition. We hope that all visitors of  the exhibition will be amazed at all artworks of Tural Bayramov. He chose the famous French artist Claude Monet as the idol for himself. Tural is very happy and his greatest desire is to see Claude Monet’s grave during the visit and put flowers on his grave.

Together with Tural Bayramov Kanan Hasanguliyev, Firangiz Huseynova, Aysun Hasanova, Banu Davali, Kamala Jafarzade, Narmina Garakhanova and Nuraddin Yagubov take part in the exhibition.

I believe that this exhibition will attract the attention of all the representations of the European Council and will be of great interest to french artlovers.

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