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Ennui – poem



Adila Nazar – Azerbaiján

Doctor of Philosophy. Member of the Writers’ Union of Azerbaijan.

Chairman of the Book House Public Union



You, like an hourglass, are agitated
and pour out from my mind into my soul
today in the deathly silence of the night.
I cannot explain to you
not by broken by windows-windows are my hopes,
not drop by dropping clouds,
Yes, I cannot explain my annoyances.
I could not explain weakness of my hands,
looking for the corner of the earth to hold,
To my dumb feet to fight.
My heart is not tired
furiously pounding with me,
kisses my suffering,
that loves my confession.
Beat on the head of the arrow of time,
So save me
from a nightmarish burden …

Translation: Tariyel Azerturk