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Alfredo Harb Helo visited Gibran Museum

Photo: Mr. Alfredo Harb Helo (left) and Mr Joseph Fenianos (right)


Gibran National Committee – Lebanon


President of the Gibran National Committee, Joseph Fenianos has received expatriate of Lebanese origin Alfredo Harb Helo at the Gibran Museum accompanied by his family and Business Manager in Lebanon Nabil Semaan on  December 22nd, 2018.

Among the subjects that were discussed during the visit and taking into consideration that Alberto Harb Helo is the cousin of Carlos Slim owner of Soumaya Museum in Mexico, President Fenianos enlightened the importance of exhibiting original paintings of Gibran Museum in Soumaya Museum…

At the end of the visit President Fenianos presented “Twenty Drawings” book of Gibran for each visitor.

It is worth mentioning that the presence of Alfredo Harb Helo in Bsharreh was also to follow the preserving and rehabilitating project of the “The Cedar Forest Friends” since he is the main financier.

Photographs courtesy of the Gibran National Committee