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Gibran National Committee announces «Khalil The Heretic» an upcoming play based on Gibran Khalil Gibran’s short novel «Rebellious Spirits»



Gibran National Committee – Lebanon

The Gibran National Committee, is proud to announce «Khalil The Heretic» an upcoming play directed by Professor Talal Darjani, based on Gibran Khalil Gibran’s short novel «Rebellious Spirits» starring the Lebanese artist Fadi Ibrahim in the role of Khalil the heretic.

Khalil The Heretic» a play by
Professor Talal Darjani
Assistant Director: Dr. Maria Christie Bakhos.
Text: Gibran Khalil Gibran
Starring: Fadi Ibrahim (in the role of Khalil the heretic)

«What makes you struggle against yourselves, heart against body, and help those who enslave you while God has created you free on this earth?»
«Ô Freedom! Speak… and teach us» is the prayer of «Khalil the Heretic», the cry of Gibran Khalil Gibran, and the call of Professor Talal Darjani who illuminated his free and revolutionary theater and conveyed a humane philosophy to the Lebanese and international audience. Darjani’s directorial vision emanated from the essence of the idea of freedom as the absolute truth of human happiness and the primal human language of all forms of prosperous life in communication, coexistence, love, integration, sympathy and positive cultural production.
«Oh, Liberty. Have mercy on us! Before thy great throne we stand, hanging on our bodies the blood-stained garments of our forefathers … dragging the chains that slowed their feet … and repeating the prayers that came from the depths of our fathers’ hearts. Listen to us, Oh, Liberty, and hear us.»
In the play Darjani showed the whole atmosphere of Gibran’s «Rebellious Spirits» that includes the story of «Khalil The Heretic» among other stories of the human struggle for the freedom of the spirit and the liberation of the soul in the joy of love and the boldness of the revolution, where Khalil meets his beloved Mariam who reveals the purity of love and the beauty of eternal essence. There are also Mariam’s mother Rachel and then Sheikh Abbas who roams throughout the stage like an old wild ghost facing the conflicts with all the other characters in their silence and their dialogues that spread the divine human teachings transmitted by the writer, the director and the actor along the spectacle and through various visual and scenographical compositions.
The final text of the play is the result of long years of work and academic tests conducted by Professor Darjani on all parts of the text which he presented through numerous different artistic visions before the final version is staged and opened to the wide audience.

For the role of «Khalil the Heretic», the play required a complex character with deep philosophical and human dimensions that can be only portrayed by a highly sensitive and skillful artist like Fadi Ibrahim as he masters the skills of analysis and effective reading of theatrical text and is able to discuss its main idea and to see the layers of its topic, and this is thanks to his deep understanding of the conflicts’ dynamics and their implications and manifestations.
As a veteran actor, he has the potential to assimilate and execute the wide range of the methodological acting tasks, he is one of the best actors in the Arab world who can successfully build a complex theatrical character and fulfil the directorial vision and the super objective of the play.
In addition to his technical capabilities, Fadi Ibrahim has a fine artistic and literary culture and wonderful qualities and virtues such as honesty, humility and generosity.

The events of the story take place in the prison of the convent, the snowy forest, a mountain hut and the palace of the feudal lord.

It is worth mentioning that the play will be presented in two versions: Arabic and English, in Lebanon and abroad: in the Arab, European, Australian and American countries, in several artistic and cultural festivals and events.

The photographs belong to Gibran National Committee


President of GNC Joseph Fenianos with Prof. Talal Darjani and actor Fadi Ibrahim

discussing the play over lunch.


President and members of the GNC with Prof. Darajani and Fadi Ibrahim


Prof. Darjani with actor Fadi Ibrahim